A Big List of Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air


A Big List of Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

A Big List of Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

A Big List of Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

We get questions all the time about what’s causing a particular problem with your furnace. The truth is that, even if we know what the problem is, that doesn’t mean we can give you a satisfying answer without coming to take a look.

And one of those big questions we often get asked is, “Why isn’t my furnace blowing hot air?” So, instead of just telling you to call for a furnace repair estimate in Fountain, CO, we’ll try to list every reason we can think of for why this is happening.

Clogged Air Filter

We’ll start with an easy one. A clogged air filter can block airflow, thus preventing your furnace from functioning properly. Furnaces also come with the danger of carbon monoxide leaks, so it’s very important that you do have your air filter replaced. This is something you can do without the help of a professional, but you can call us if you need some help.

Furnace Switch is Off

Really? Yes, really. We can’t always explain why these things happen, but sometimes the problem is as simple as a furnace switch in the OFF position. Do make sure to have a look at your furnace switch before calling on a repairman. They’ll still have to charge you a service fee just for coming out, even if all they did was flip it back ON for you.

Front Panel Is Not in Place

Another easy one you can do by yourself. Somewhat like how a microwave won’t operate unless the door is closed, the same goes for the furnace’s front panel. Make sure it’s locked in securely before resorting to any drastic repair methods.

Thermostat is Set Incorrectly

Make sure that the thermostat is set to “AUTO” or that it’s on the “heat” setting. If that doesn’t do the trick, check to see if it needs new batteries, and make sure its internal components are free of dust. If none of that works, call in for some advice.

Duct Problems

Your furnace could be running perfectly fine, and it could be the ducts themselves that are causing issues. Obstructions in the vents—such as debris from an insulation project—can block airflow. Likewise, leaks in the ducts can suck up some of that air before it reaches your rooms.

Igniter Issues

The electric ignition or the pilot light could be out. Modern furnaces don’t use pilot lights, but it’s certainly not impossible that you might be using an older system with one. Ignition issues could be due to wiring issues or clogged components, and it’s something that you should leave only a professional to help with.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Check the breaker to see that it hasn’t been tripped. While this is a simple problem to fix on its own, take note of it. If the circuit trips again soon after, you should take it as a warning sign of a bigger problem. Play it safe and have a professional come in for inspection.

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