Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers in the greater Colorado Springs area

Are there any alternatives to using a conventional air conditioner for cooling your home in hot weather? You can always use ceiling fans or open up the windows for better air circulation—but that’s not exactly cooling the house. There is, however, a non-refrigerant-based air conditioning system available. It’s called an evaporative cooler, or sometimes a swamp cooler.

An evaporative cooler isn’t right for all homes, and the best way to find out if one will work for you is to call JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. We’re Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Black Forest, and Falcon, CO cooling experts and install, repair, and maintain swamp coolers as well as standard central ACs. All our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we aim for your complete satisfaction.

Contact our team today for outstanding evaporative cooler installation and service in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Black Forest, and Falcon, CO!

What Is an Evaporative Cooler?

Basically, it’s an air conditioner that uses water to cool the air rather than refrigerant that circulates to absorb heat from the air and then release it outside. You’ve encountered evaporative cooling in action in nature before. If you stand near a body of water or a fountain on a hot day, the air that blows across the water will feel cooler to you. This is because the air lost some of its heat to the water.

The way an evaporative cooler works is that it draws air from outside of a house using a blower fan. The air passes over a series of damp pads that are kept wet by a pump. The air loses heat to the pads and then is dumped into the house, generally cooling the air as much as 20–30 degrees. This is a great system for people that like to ventilate their home and not have it closed up all the time.

What Are the Advantages of a Swamp Cooler?

There are a few reasons you may wish to consider a swamp cooler for your house:

  • Low Cost of Operation: A swamp cooler uses fewer moving parts than a standard AC. There’s no need to power a compressor and multiple fans, only a single fan and the water pumps. This can lead to significant savings in cooling costs.
  • Humidity Control: We often deal with dry weather here in Colorado, and an evaporative cooler can help with this. Moisture enters the air as it passes through the system, raising the humidity level in the house.
  • Beneficial in Our Climate: Despite the name, swamp coolers aren’t useful in swamps. High humidity reduces the effectiveness of evaporative cooling. But in a drier climate, an evaporative or swamp cooler may be able to take the place of a standard AC.

Call Us for Evaporative Cooler Service in the greater Colorado Springs area

As we mentioned before, not every home is suited to using a swamp cooler. But you only have to make an appointment with our service technicians at JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to find out your best home cooling choice. We work with swamp coolers, central air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits—and we have the experience to find the right option to match your needs. You can also depend on us for repair service and annual system tune-ups. We’re leaders in the local community in Colorado Springs and have a proven track record since we started in business in 1993.

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