Monument, CO

Monument, CO

Monument, CO

Monument, CO

Heating and Air Conditioning in Monument, CO

If you’ve had a bad experience with an HVAC contractor in the past for your home, you’re not alone. But you have come to the right certified and experienced company to make every HVAC job great from here on out. JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has over 24 years of experience helping out homes in Monument, CO.

Our number one goal is full customer satisfaction on any HVAC task we take on. When you turn to us for your home heating, cooling, and ventilation services, we’ll see that you have peace of mind with our work.

Air Conditioning

There are many vital air conditioning service jobs JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can do for your house. Are you moving into a new home and need a first A/C installation? Or is it time to get rid of an aging system with an A/C replacement? We’re residential A/C service experts who know exactly how to keep homes cool. Our service specialists will go through each step of your air conditioning installation or air conditioning replacement with you, and we guarantee the results.

A/C Repairs & Tune–Ups

Is your home not cool enough? Is the air conditioner just not working at all? Never fear: A/C repair is only a phone call away in Monument, CO. Our service specialists provide fast and accurate air conditioning repair work, and they’re also available for air conditioning maintenance services to keep your system in top shape. We provide a 2.5 Hour Super A/C Tune–Up–an air conditioning tune–up that goes beyond what you’ll find from most company’s A/C maintenance programs.


JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has a long history of serving homes in the area, so we know all about the best way to provide the heating service necessary to combat the tough winters. Are you looking for services for your aging furnace in your Monument, CO home? Or do you need the first heating installation for a new home? Whatever the case, we’ll ensure you have the right heater to provide comfort, and we won’t be satisfied with the job we do until you are!

Heater Repair & Tune–Ups

We’re glad to help with heating repair service when your heater has trouble. But we’d like to help prevent heating problems in the first place thanks to heating maintenance! With our famous 2.5 Hour Heater Tune–Up you can avoid most malfunctions that can interfere with your comfort. We provide a thorough heating maintenance job each time to give you valuable peace of mind. To sign up for our heating tune–up in Monument, CO, call our office today.

Indoor Air Quality

JD Vigil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can take care of another important part of your home comfort: maintaining high indoor air quality. A simple air filtration system can do wonders at removing dust and dander circulating through the house, while an air purification system (such as a UV or ionizer air purifiers) handles more minute pollutants that get through filters. Our specialists also work with duct cleaning, sealing, and repairs, which are important for both air quality and excellent HVAC system performance.

Heating Repair, HVAC Maintenance & A/C Service in Monument, CO

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We are following all local guidelines regarding masks, distancing, sanitary practices, etc. Call (719) 573-9794 for more information on how we are preventing the spread.

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